I remember vividly my first visit to Dr. Zohra's office.  I was in pain from a toothache, I had bleeding gums, and I was in danger of losing all of my teeth due to periodontal disease.  I was ashamed of the way my mouth looked, and when I smiled or laughed my hand would automatically cover my mouth.  But thanks to Dr. Zohra I now have no cavities.  I have healthy teeth and gums, and I can smile with confidence.  Dr. Zohra also worked with my insurance plan and my budget to help accomplish all of this; she even assisted with much needed referrals.Thank you Dr. Zohra     

                                                                                                                                      -Barbara Nixon 

When I first came to Dr. Z I had a lot of cavities and even needed a root canal.  
I didn't like going to the dentist but Dr. Z was so different from others I had been to.  I now have all of my teeth fixed including the root canal.  She was very gentle and extremely patient.  She took her time and explained things that i didn't understand.  I would recommend her to anyone.                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                      -John Rachels

I love coming to Wrightsboro Road Dental Clinic.  I have been coming to see Dr. Zohra close to 10 years now.  I love the staff,  they are very friendly and courteous.  I used to be scared of going to the dentist but Dr. Zohra and her staff made it easier for me.  I encourage everyone to come and see what the team of Dr. Zohra can offer.


My wife and I have had our dental needs very well satisfied by Dr. Zohra for several years                                                                                                                                -Dr. Khan

I was referred to Dr. Zohra about 10 years ago.  I have not moved from her care since.  Her compassion and professionalism is beyond words.  Dr. Zohra and her team are always polite and goes above and beyond taking care of me.  In a crisis Dr. Zohra and her team will always try to fit you into the schedule.  There is no pain when you sit in her chair.  Before she starts she will ensure you are comfortable and feeling pain.  Dr. Zohra is truly amazing and I intend to remain under her care.  SHOUT OUT to the team!!!                                                                                                                -Suzette Ferguson

Dr. Zohra has been an amazing dentist since i started going to her.  I use to be so afraid of the dentist because of past experiences I encounter with them.  However, when I came to her and said I'm really scared, she said she was going to take care of me.  And that she did, she is so gentle and takes her time.  She always makes sure you are comfortable.  With time I put all my trust in her and she has done an amazing job.  Thank you so much Dr. Zohra.                                                                                                                     -Lakiesha Grant

I needed some dental work done before I had a hip replacement.  I called them and told them what I needed.  They were so nice about it and worked with me to get is done a few weeks before my surgery.  All of them were very nice and sweet to me and the doctor did really good work.                                                                                         -Hope

I've been seeing Dr. Z since she bought Dr. Fred Sim's practice.  It was a change after seeing Dr. Sims for 40 years.  I continued with Dr. Z to see how I liked her and was pleasantly surprised.  In fact mu wife's long time dentist retired so I had her switch over and we are both happy.  Dr. Z, no matter what dental work I have needed has been very skilled and professional.  I hope she will be my dentist for the rest of my life.  She has chosen an excellent staff that compliments her well.  Her hygienist is very good and pleasant to be around.  I think the world of her assistants and enjoy being involved with them.  I highly recommend Dr. Z and staff.                                                                -Harvey Tollison

Dr. Fatima Zohra has been the best dentist that I have ever been to in mu life.  The kindest person that I have ever met.  I know that her business will grow in the name of Jesus.  The best staff also.                                                                                           -Vanessa Allen

Dr. Fatima Zohra was and is a God-sent answer to my prayers for a family dentist.  Before I scheduled my first appointment with the Wrightsboro Road Dental Clinic I spent a month in deep prayer asking that God would lead me to the dentist professional who would meet His approval as a well-trained and passionate doctor who truly cares about soothing hurting patients and enjoys working in their mouths.  Because I had had some bad experiences with previous dentist I'd gone to and needed to have their poor dental work corrected I was very shy about trusting my dental work to just anyone.  I had tried male dentist but I wanted to try a female dentist.  My first impression of Dr. Zohra was that she was not big enough nor did she have the large biceps and triceps or muscles in her forearms to successfully pull out my molar.  I was surprised by her gentle and effective technique.  Within a few minutes the extraction was complete.  She gave me simple and precise education for follow up care.  Later that night i received a phone call from Dr. Zohra to check how well I was recovering.  I was really happily surprised by this personal touch in addition to her professional expertise.  The dental assistants and receptionist are also very professional and manage the office with care, tact, and financial honesty.  They schedule and remind patients of upcoming appointments.  I have been coming to Dr. Zohra since 2012 (March).  I have never suffered from pain, swelling, abscesses, or gum damages following any procedures.  At first I was scared of the numbing shots.  But I have grown to trust Dr. Zohra's use of the vibraject needle device.  I have had teeth pulled, filled,  repaired with a buildup,  root canals and crowns. I have always trusted Dr. Zohra's evaluative judgments.  Now I am facing having implants installed.  Though I'm not fully familiar with this procedure, the more I learn online and from Dr. Zohra I have little to anything to fear.  I fully recommend Dr. Zohra to anyone looking for a dentist to provide a full spectrum of dental care to every family member.  More so, I highly recommend her as a gentle, knowledgeable, well-trained, and caring professional, who personally takes time to make each client feel as though he/she is the central focus of her dental attention and the chief reason she became a dentist.                                                                                                                               -Gail Thompson